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CONTRACTORUSMC LLC  is a locally-owned commercial janitorial company offering the highest quality daily porter and nightly in-suite janitorial services in Texas. Since 2002, our commitment has been to deliver a level of service that exceeds our client's expectations.

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Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Services

We know the power of a clean first impression. Commercial janitorial cleaning services are about so much more than daily maintenance. In a spotless environment, people care more about each other. Customers have a better experience. Workers are more focused and productive. Students learn without distraction. Civil servants take more pride in serving their communities. Patients have more confidence in their medical care, and congregations feel more connected. Contact CONTRACTORUSMC LLC  Services for all of your commercial janitorial needs in Greater Texas and surrounding states. 

Hear from our customers.

Our clients stay with CONTRACTORUSMC LLC of Houston for years because we do cleaning right. Our systematic approach to cleaning is unlike any of our competitors. We don't skip a beat or miss a detail.

Our quality control team addresses issues before they arise to ensure that our clients maintain consistent and uninterrupted service.

Our crew

Team cleaning allows us to develop specialists who concentrate on a few clearly-defined tasks in a systematic strategy for each work area. By focusing on certain types of work, each team member becomes more skilled and efficient. 

Custodians are trained in the specialist cleaning tasks for which they were hired. A successful cleaning team is comprised of four specific cleaning specialists. Each specialist’s area is color-coded with task cards, inspection reports, chemicals, equipment, and material safety data sheet

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